• November 2013 •

Flock Shop will be vending at the Downtown Flea on November 24th - The last Sunday of November!

Join us as we'll have loads of goodies, including most of our remaning artist made goods, and lots of new vintage jewelry and vintage household items!

Loads of previous items on mark down including Art Work!

Just in time for all of your Holiday Shopping!

Look for us in the YELLOW lot (see DTLA Flea website for map).

For all of the details (hours, entry fees, VIP, and more) visit: DTFLEA

See you there!

• February 2013 •

Visit us at the Art Crawl Experience in Anaheim on Saturday, February 9th from 6pm to 10pm!

For the third year, the Downtown Anaheim Arts District will host the Art Crawl Experience, or simply “ACE.” This free art walk and arts festival will feature downtown galleries, an indie crafts/live artists fair with 50 artists, live entertainment, gourmet food trucks, new restaurants and new shops. The ACE committee announced the 2013 dates will be February 9, May 11, August 10 and November 9.

February 9 Highlights:

MUZEO will be offering free admission to Across the Andes in the historic Carnegie building during ACE. For a nominal fee, step into the world of Spies Traitors Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America, an exhibit on loan from the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.

Rothick Art Haus will be holding their opening reception for “SteamPop!” http://www.facebook.com/steampopgallery

The Center Gallery presents “Parallel 33” by Rich Governali.

Anaheim Brewery-beer label artwork by featured artist, Chris Maya

Umami Burger - Woodwork by Artist Jeremy Samson

Sound by Rare Catalyst

6:00-6:40pm Rebecca Leigh

6:45-7pm N a r a n j i t a F l a m e n c o

7pm-7:40pm (music)

7:45-8pm Rhythm-n-Flow (Fire Dancers)

8pm-8:40pm (music)
Anna Montgomery

8:45pm-9pm (dance/fire performance)

9pm-9:40pm Face the World (Rock)

Chomp Chomp Nation
The Viking Truck

Anaheim Art Crawl

• October 2012 •

Connect Or Dialog Trying - Matthew Hoffman {Chicago}

We've just installed 99 pieces of Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman's exhibition Connect Or Dialogue Trying!

The entire collection consists of 10,900 sheets of paper. Each "print" is crafted from multiple layers of hand cut French & Wausau papers in various thicknesses.

Each edition of 50 is created at one time, hand cut in a stack on a wood saw. These prints were developed to be intentionally sharable---in their messaging, affordability, and ease of framing due to their standard size.

Limited Edition $25 each. Only 1 of each design available. 8.5" x 11"

View the whole collection here on Facebook.
Visit Matthew's site here.

• September 2012 •

Flock Shop would like to announce that we will be looking to close our Chinatown brick & mortar in early 2013.

Our decision to close was a conscious one as we feel we need "new soil" in order for Flock Shop to grow & prosper.

We will continue with an online presence and maybe pop up in your town! Where would you like to see Flock Shop?

That being said, we cordially invite you to our 5 year Anniversary Party and last official art show, "Bright Future", on Saturday, September 15th.

Everyone dreams of a "Bright Future", whether it be something that may happen tomorrow or in the long term. Little dreams to big dreams and the excitement of what may come!

This intimate show is a comprised of artists that we truly admire.

Meet the artists:

APAK / We've been long time fans of this husband & wife duo based in Portland, Oregon. Check out their magical world at www.apakstudio.com/apak/about

JARED ANDREW SCHORR / Jared is known for his amazing and whimsical paper art! We're so excited to have Jared in our final show! www.jaredandrewschorr.com

JESSE TISE / If you love space and aliens and comics then you'll love Jesse's work as much as we do! www.ofgodsandmonsters.net

JOEY CHOU / Our top selling artist and the illustrator for Disney's "It's a Small World" book released last year....what more can we say?! www.joeyart.com

KEVIN CHAN / Creator of the uber cute & mischievous "Meu" and quite a talented artist! Let's see what surprises Kevin brings to the show! www.cmykevin.com

LINDA KIM / Linda creates the most beautiful paintings! We're beyond happy that she will be a part of our last show! www.lindakim.com

OWLO / One of the newest artists to join the Flock Shop family, we became instant fans of Owlo's work and you will too! www.owlo.net

PATRICK HRUBY / Last but definitely not least, Patrick has been a part of Flock Shop since its inception back in 2007. We can't say enough about Patrick as he is truly an amazing artist and friend! www.patrickdrawsthings.com


We'd love to see all of you and want to thank all of the amazing artists we've showcased over the past 5 years and our incredibly dedicated customers for their patronage & support!

This is not the end of Flock Shop! This is the beginning of a "Bright Future" for us and wherever the wind carries us, we hope that you will follow!

Come out for some free drinks & unlimited laughter!!

Special booty shakin' dj set by The reMitch!

There will be additional art openings on Chung King Road as well. (Check individual galleries for times & information.) www.chungkingroad.com

"Bright Future"
6pm to 10pm
Flock Shop
943 N. Broadway, #103
Chinatown 90012

• July 2012 •

Join Flock Shop on Saturday, July 21st, from 7pm to 10pm, as we present the first LA show & Pop-Up Shop for the "BoomCase"!

The BoomCase is a Self Powered Portable Suitcase Stereo system that works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone plug. TheBoomCase will last 10+ hours on a single charge (Charger Included).

These unique sound systems are built into vintage suitcases, have amazing sound quality and are handmade in Northern California.

We'll have exclusive one-of-a-kind BoomCases for this event, so don't sleep on this LA!

BoomCase Offical Site: www.theboomcase.com
BoomCase YouTube: Boomcase on YouTube
BoomCase Press: BoomCase Press
BoomCase Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBoomCase

DJ Performances by heybradwhatsup, SeanO, Falcons, DJ HiFive, DJ Mantron + Rockdila.

Complimentary Drinks!

All going down in Chinatown - Saturday, July 21st from 7pm to 10pm

Also in Chinatown, Saturday, July 21st:


Perform Chinatown is also happening this evening from 4pm to Midnight!
Over 40 performance artists at over 12 galleries throughout Chinatown!
Click here for more info: www.performchinatown.com

• June 2012 •

In collaboration with the L.A. Design Festival & Chinatown Design Night, Flock Shop Presents "The End is Only the Beginning", Saturday, June 30th, 6-9pm.

As part of the L.A. Design Festival, Chinatown’s galleries and shops open their doors for a night of Design & Art in both Central and West Plazas.

Clink the link for more information: Chinatown Design Night


Flock Shop Presents, Saturday, June 30th - "The End is Only the Beginning"

The Black Rock Collective, or BRC, is a group of internationally located artists, illustrators and designers who come together to share ideas and feed off each other's talents.

In their newest show, "The End is Only the Beginning", they will be revealing their third deck of cards* with the theme of the apocalypse, and will be selling prints of new designs stemming from that same idea.

*The deck of cards will be available for preview and may be purchased at a later date tbd.


6pm to 9pm
Complimentary Drinks + Live electronic musical performance by Quangstuh
Flock Shop
943 N. Broadway, #103

::Meet the Artists::

_____/ Priscilla Wilson {San Luis Obispo, CA}
Priscilla currently resides on the beautiful central coast in California. She works full time for a graphic design firm, Kraftwerk Design which specializes in the wine industry, and also does freelance work on the side.

_____/ Gringz {Sao Paulo, Brasil}
Doodles for tenso GRAPHICS, Mulheres Barbadas and for his studio called Diplomatas. Likes cats and video games.

_____/ Philip Tseng {San Diego, CA}
Philip Tseng is an illustrator based out of San Diego, California. Phil's work can best be described as lighthearted and often includes his favorite subject: food.

_____/ Blair Sayer {Sydney, Australia}
Blair is an old geezer actually. He's been colouring in for a living for almost 15 years now. His roots are in political cartooning which started when he was just 15. He obviously had no girlfriend or ATARI, because he refined his skills enough to later graduate from design school in 1993, and become a freelance illustrator ever since. Since he discovered the internet, Threadless and The Black Rock, both his bandwidth and wardrobe have expanded considerable. "One thing I never expected was to meet so many talented people, alot of them in the flesh, and now consider them my peers." Blair is based in Sydney, Australia, but still considers himself 100% kiwi! He's represented by the Drawing Book.

_____/ Wotto {Los Angeles, CA}
Craig 'wotto' Watkins has ten years experience in illustration and design. He creates narrative through his illustrations and has developed a style that is instantly recognized. Wotto has worked with Billabong, Urban Outfitters, Cumberland Farms, Victory Records, Tippet Studio and many more.

_____/ Speedyjoe {Chicago, Illinois}
Born and raised in Chicago, Joe Van Wetering enjoys pizza, Lost and Tetris. Inspired by the contrasting visions of pop culture and nature, Joe explores the continuously developing relationship between color and space, creating abstract visions of everyday life through his artwork.

_____/ ToraSteve {Milwaukee, Wisconsin}
Steve resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he raises four baby turtles and spends his days drawing with micron pens.

_____/ Sonmi {Los Angeles, CA}
Julia is a designer and illustrator who enjoys imagery that brings intrigue; whether it be through the mystical, the bizarre, or the grotesque. She graduated with a bachelor degree in art in 2006 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and spends her days drawing and spying on people's dogs. Her client list includes Poketo, The New York Times, MTV, and Nike.

_____/ Ladrones {Guam}
Joshua Agerstrand is a Guam based illustrator and designer. His work has appeared in books, tee shirts & comic anthologies. He dreams of finding meaningful work that involves saving turtles and "kickin it" with celebrity chefs.

_____/ Stinger {Netherlands}
Self taught illustrative designer Jan Willem Wennekes studied both Artificial Intelligence (2002) and Philosophy (2006) at the University of Groningen. After his degrees, he decided to start working as illustrative designer and art director under the name Zeptonn. His fantasy-rich work often has a positive vibe to it and travels the globe in many forms and applications.

_____/ Stumpyhorse {Illinois}
Jared is an illustrator and graphic designer who enjoys working in digital and traditional techniques alike.

_____/ MAKI {Netherlands}
MAKI is a small design and illustration studio based in The Netherlands run by Kim and Matthijs. Our work can be described as wacky, edgy, humorous, urban and intelligent. It looks good on almost everything, from clothing to posters, from walls to human bodies.

_____/ Raid71 {UK}
My name is Chris Thornley and I am an illustrator and designer. I also go by the name Raid71 (which was my secret identity until now!). Over the past few years I have had the amazing opportunity to work on a lot of exciting projects on both a corporate level as well as on a personal one. Clients include: Lego, NME, Mercury Records, Levi and Gola

• May 2012 •

Saturday, May 26th ~ Meu's Day Off

Join us as we follow Meu's not-so adventurely misadventures!

Opening Reception with Complimentary Drinks! 7pm to 10pm

Meet meu. He's just a regular cat. Like any of us, he enjoys a relaxing day off. While he can't promise to have the most exciting life, he sure makes lazy look good!

Join us as we follow his not so adventurely misadventures, with over 30 new drawings and papercut illustrations!

Meu plushes and prints will be available the night of the show!

Complimentary drinks!

_____/ About the Artist
Kevin Chan is a local freelance designer, illustrator, and crafter who graduated with a BFA in graphic design from Cal Poly Pomona.

Most recently, Chan received the Certificate of Typographic Excellence from Type Directors Club in the TDC57 Communication Design Competition, and will be included in the Type Directors Club Annual, Typography 32.

His work can be seen regularly at Gallery Nucleus and Flock Shop.

• April 2012 •

Saturday, April 28th ~ "Hanky Panky" - Sassy Needlepoints by Ashley Sheehan of Old Made Good {Tennessee} + Vintage Estate Kerchief Sale!

Join us for a fun & sassy daytime event!

{Please note there will be some adult language in the needlepoints}

All day event starting at 1pm.
Vintage Attire Suggested!
Complimentary Desserts + Drinks while supplies last!

Stay tuned...More tba!

• March 2012 •

Saturday, March 24th ~ Fragments and Run-Ons - New Work by The Umana Brothers

The Umana Brothers will be exhibiting their latest collection of collaborations entitled “FRAGMENTS and RUN-ONS”.

Opening reception is Saturday, March 24th from 7-10pm. Complimentary Drinks.

_____// Christopher Umana

Christopher Umana depicts everyday occurrences from the monumental to the mundane. Every moment in one’s life is a piece of a puzzle that should always call attention to itself regardless of its importance or impact. He uses anthropomorphic figures as representations of the people he encounters everyday. Christopher believes there is a connection between people, animals, and insects. He focuses on personal topics such as the institution of family, life and death in correlation with different cultural reactions and superstitions related to these subjects.

2003 BFA Illustration Art Center College of Design, Pasadena


_____// Stephen Umana

Stephen Umana is the painter and musician formerly operating under the name Ichae Ackso. His work is inspired by optical illusions and the human brain’s need to find patterns within random structures. The end result is clusters of letters, calligraphic line work, and cartoon figures abstracted beyond recognition. The end result is something that feels completely recognizable glance, but proves itself to be completely foreign on further investigation.

2005 BFA Drawing and Painting CSULB




Saturday, February 11th ~ Paper Airplanes, New Art by Alex Chiu

Join us for a night of exploration in the theme of staying young!

Artist Alex Chiu will be showing his newest series of paintings entitled "PAPER AIRPLANES". These paintings explore the theme of staying young.

7pm to 10pm

Complimentary DIY Ice Cream Station + Beer!

See more of Alex's work at www.alexdoodles.com
Facebook Event: Paper Airplanes


-{2011 Events}-


Satuday, December 10th ~ Extended Shopping Hours + Desserts, Drinks + Prizes!

Join us for an eve of extended shopping hours Saturday, December 10th, from 7pm to 9pm and sip complimentary spiked eggnog & nibble on desserts while you peruse the new arrivals! We'll be doing a draw for instant giveaways for the first 20 customers! Rules Apply**

1 - $50 Gift Certificate for Flock Shop

1 - Joey Chou Print Set of 3 - Your Choice! $30 Value

1 - $25 Gift Certificate for Flock Shop

5 - $5 Off Coupon
+ Numerous instant discounts 10%, 20%, & 30% off*!

*Discounts apply to regular priced merchandise only and excludes Art Categories. May not be combined with other discounts.

**Must be 14 or over to play, 1 draw per household.



Saturday, November 12th - Join us for the Official Launch Party of "Phamily of Theives"!

Join us for the official launch of "Phamily of Thieves", designed by JSalvador and brought to life with the handiwork of Phamcy!

What began as a quick gift idea is becoming an international reality! Through the love and support of "phamily" and friends, J & Phamcy are making their creations available to everyone!

Arrive early as these dolls are limited!

Complimentary Vodka/Lemonades + Sparkling Apple Cider {for the 21 & under crowd!} + Desserts from Semi Sweet Bakery! All ages ~ Free Event!

6pm to 9pm

Saturday, November 12th